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This fun plastic pet toy is the perfect past-time for any playful kitten. Includes a furry mouse attached to a eunning wheel and a scratching mat on the outer top of the toy. Good condition. X - Posted
8 eeeks female extremely friendly and Smart . .
Ragdoll Kittens, many colors to choose from, blue eyed whites, mink, traditional's, and reds, TICA registered, kittens are hand raised and spoiled rotten, HCM negative and come with health guarantee .
8 weeks male very playful and friendly. Litter trained $50.00 909-556-2049 .
I have 3 adorable, healthy Calico kittens ready to be adopted into a loving forever home. They are aprox. 8 weeks old 1 male 2 females Very loving and friendly Litter box trained ** there is a $50. Adoption fee per kitten*** Contact me by text @ 909 305 3388 For more info or to set an apointment to see one. .
New 3 feet tall
Beautiful TICA-registered, pure-bred Bengal kittens for sale. $800.00. Born April 21, kittens are healthy, active and friendly. See pictures and more information at our website, www.bastetsbengals.com . Take home a kitten today!
Berkley was injured some time in his life. His lower jaw hangs down slightly, but it does not affect his ability to eat, keep his fur clean, purr, or meow. He is nice tempered, likes attention, and is loving. He consistently appreciates being petted or held in your lap; tolerates being held in your arms.
Selby is very loving. Comes to you, follows you around, asks to be petted; less fond of being held; gets along well with other cats.
Rosie was rescued from living under a car with her four kittens. She has a variable temperament. Sometimes likes being petted, other times prefers to be left alone.Comes to you, sometimes likes being in your lap - curls up and snuggles down. Does not like being held in your arms. Ideally should be only cat in home-she does not get along with other cats.
My name is Sparky because of my sparkling personality.I'm not just another stunning all black cat. I'm so sweet, soft, and lovable- I have a calm demeanor. I'm irresistible! I'm playful and I get along well with other cats. I would love to show you how special I am.
I'm Mr. Blondie. I'm not sure how I got my name since I'm not blonde. I am white with orange patches on my head and body. I'm a very wonderful, regal male cat, born 4/14/2006, who would love to have a family to call my own. I have a good disposition and personality. I like to be petted, but not so much being held. I get along with other cats and people of all ages. I would be the perfect family...
Coal has a lustrous coat with a white patch on his stomach. He's very loving and affectionate; comes to you to be petted or held, but is not demanding.
Gemma is a dilute calico tabby with grey. She has joy de vivre and is very affectionate. Loves being petted and held. Nuzzles and snuggles when held in your arms.
Sir Peaches was abandoned by prior owners when they moved. He is consistently calm and has a loving demeanor. He loves being petted, having his stomach rubbed, and he likes being held or in your lap.
Clover is a silver/black tabby with silky fur. He is currently our most loving and playful kitten, has boundless "joy de vivre." He is exceptionally loving- typically runs to you asking to be picked up, held in your arms. He purrs loudly in appreciation, nuzzles, and snuggles in your arms. His left foot did not develop in utero because the umbilical cord was wrapped around it. The rest of his l...
Jubilee has small front white boots and larger rear white boots and a white patch on her neck. She is very affectionate - loves to be petted and held in your lap or arms.
Stormie was abandoned by prior owner. She has a crook in her tail from a previous unknown injury- no functional impairment. She is gray on her back and sides and white every place else. Initially shy, she likes being petted. Needs a gentle approach. Tolerates being held for short periods of time. Improves as she learns to trust you.
Rosalita was rescued from a Yucaipa restaurant while pregnant. Initially shy, but then overtly affectionate and loving. Loves to be petted, but does not like being held in your arms.
Attractive orange tabby fellow! His siblings Apollo, Artemis and Athena are available too.
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